Animal Reiki

Although Reiki is commonly used on humans, it can also be effectively used when working with animals. Reiki can help to strengthen the connection between an animal and owner. Reiki can help to maintain health on physical, emotional and energetic levels. Reiki can help increase an animal's feelings of relaxation and reduce tension in anxious animals.


Because Reiki is simple and easy to administer, it is a wonderful alternative therapy for animals. Reiki is non-invasive and will help healing occur where it is needed most. The Reiki practitioner does not need to know the symptoms that the animal is experiencing in order for an effective session to be performed. Reiki can be performed successfully from a distance making this a safe therapy for the animal and practitioner. Because Reiki helps increase the body's awareness of imbalances and the body then does the healing, Reiki can never do any harm. The animal is in control of the session. They can be in the location they choose and do not need to be confined or restrained. With multiple sessions, animals will refine their perception of the specific frequency and will begin to seek out a session when they see the practitioner. 


You may want to schedule the session when your dog generally tends to be the most relaxed. In the case of an aggressive dog, you will want to ensure safety by either having you keep the dog on a leash or have the dog in his/her kennel if there is one that the dog uses. Anxious dogs may prefer distance sessions. 

Reiki can be preformed on all animals  horses, dogs, cats, birds, wildlife, shelter animals etc.